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  • Dedicated Accounting Manager
  • Monthly Financial Statements (available in hard copy and online)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income/Expense Statements
  • Delinquency Reports
  • General Ledger
  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Copies of All Bank Statements
  • Annual Budget Preparation
  • Year End Auditor Setup and Correspondence
  • Vendor Payments
  • Checks Cut up to Three Times Per Month
  • Receive Homeowner Payments
  • Mail
  • Online
  • Automatic Withdrawal
  • Collection Services (some services are an additional minor cost)
  • Late Letters
  • Demand Letters
  • Lien Filings
  • Payroll Services
  • Personnel Taxes
  • Employee Payments
  • Payroll W2's
  • Personnel Files


  • Prepare Meeting Agenda
  • Prepare Board Meeting Packets
  • Agenda, Summary Management Report, Detailed and Date-Stamped Management report, copies of correspondence, ACC report, Financial Packet, Copies of bids, proposals, contracts and comparisons, and minutes from the previous meeting for adoption
  • Deliver Board Packets the Friday before each Meeting
  • Provide draft of minutes to board via e-mail not more than 48 hours after the meeting.
  • Post Approved Minutes on Website
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Attend Annual/Budget Ratification Meetings
  • Attend Special Meetings
  • Coach President to Run Efficient Meeting
  • Counsel and Guide Board at Meetings
  • Offer Experience, Training, and Knowledge for Decision Making

Vendor Management

  • Preferred Vendor List from Years of Experience with Area Vendors
  • Bid Process Handling
  • Vendor Contract Awarding
  • Vendor Oversight
  • Vendor Invoice Research and Approval
  • Association Attorney Correspondence
  • Insurance Review and Updating

Home Re-Sale Coordination

  • Homeowner Disclosure
  • New Resident Welcome Letter
  • New Resident Information Package
  • Membership Transfer Facilitation


  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Line
  • 24 Hour Call Return Promise (one hour for emergencies. Board members get call backs within two hours at any time, Homeowners get a call back no later than the next business day.)
  • Board Members Have Manager’s Cell Phone
  • Website Request Submittals
  • Email Communication
  • Newsletter Coordination and Sending
  • Meeting Notices
  • Special Mailings and Notices


  • Dedicated (& Secured) Community Website ($30 per month)
  • Homeowner can make payments online
  • Board Access for Financials
  • Association Documents for Homeowner Download
  • Online Maintenance and Document Requests
  • Community Message Boards

Files Maintenance

  • Maintain Books and Records for Association
  • Maintain Books and Records for All Lots
  • Maintain Association Legal Documents
  • Maintain Files of Maps, Plats
  • Maintain Committee Files
  • Property Asset Inventory

Board Assistance

  • Board Member Training
  • Board Member Guidance
  • Weekly e-mail updates / Monthly Management updates
  • Board Planning Sessions to Prepare for Meetings and Events
  • Architectural Change Process Facilitation and Notification
  • Operating Guidelines
  • Legal Updates

Compliance (some services are an additional minor cost)

  • Compliance Coordinator to Inspect Homes
  • Digital Photos of Every Violation
  • Letters to Non-Compliant Homeowners with Photo
  • Follow Up Letters to Ensure Compliance
  • Fine Letters
  • Third Party Clean Up and Charge to Non-Compliant Homeowner

And More…..

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